Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Treasure Baskets

Treasure Baskets


Young babies do not actually need lots of shop bought toys. Have you ever noticed that a baby is happiest playing with objects that are found around the house like spoons, keys and wallets! 
A treasure basket is just that a basket full of treasures that are either natural objects or objects that are easily found. When Hartley was younger his most loved 'toy' was his treasure basket. The key is to change the items around often so the babies never get bored.

Here are some ideas for different treasure baskets

Shiny Treasure Basket
- shiny paper
- whisk
- c.d
- make up brush
- keys
- shiny lid
- silver ribbon
- make up compact and mirror

 Household Items
- brush
- whisk
- wooden spoon
- rolling pin
- egg cup
- beads
- coaster
- bath scrubber

Wooden Items
- spoon
- egg cup
- rolling pin
- Buddah
- worm

Material Basket
- shiny paper
- ribbon
- fur
- scarves
- bubble wrap

Natural Objects
- Fir Cone
- conkers
- shell
- leaves
- stones

More household items
- wallet
- gift box
- purse
- keys
- paper roll
- coaster

 Some of these objects might not be seen to be suitable for little babies however treasure baskets should be played with an adult.

Use objects that are suitable for the age of your baby. Never leave your baby alone with treasure baskets if they contain small items or long piece of ribbon or anything else unsuitable.

You can also make themed Treasure baskets. Here is a  Christmas basket we made.
In it I put;
A small Santa hat
A small snow globe
some bells
decorations made from different materials
wrapping paper

Hartley's Birthday Basket

In his birthday basket I put;
Glittery shredded paper
party hat
birthday badge
some blowers
a '1' candle
gift box

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