Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Brush Treasure Basket

Hartley still loves his treasure baskets. I thought I would put together a sensory one with just brushes.
I collected brushes we already had from around the house but you could include any brushes you want.

In out treasure basket we put in:
a selection of paint brushes in different sizes
a nail brush
a shaving brush
make up brushes
tooth brush
hair brush

All the brushes are either new or washed so they are safe to use.

I left the treasure basket out so Hartley could play when ever he wanted. He loved exploring the brushes. He often brushed his own skin. He loved how this felt.

Here are some cute pictures  of him brushing his toes.

 He then brushed my toes and we had lots of fun tickling each other with the brushes. This was initiated by him, which made it even more lovely.

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