Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rainbow Rice

We have been doing lots of colour activities this week. One that I was very excited about was Coloured Rice.

How to make coloured rice
You will need
food colouring
baking tray
Put the rice into a bowl and add vinegar, I never work in exact amount so just made sure there was enough to cover all the rice.
Add your chosen colour, again just put enough so it colour all the rice in the shade you want.
Then spread over a baking tray and cook for about 30mins at about 120 degrees. 
Repeat with another colour if you wish.

 I decided to do three colours this time. I put the diferent colours into seperate bowls. I put them into a big tube and also included some pots, utensils and funnels.

 The children had lots of fun, pouring out and mixing the colours.

 The children enjoyed poring, scooping, mixing and investigating the rice.
 This activity is also great for mark making. Older children could even write their names in the rice.

 Some of the other activities we have done this week are;

Coloured Spaghetti

Frogs in Green Jelly

Coloured pom poms and tubes

 Blue water and blue objects

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