Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Train Safari

I have made a few sensory small world tubs before. This time I thought I would add a train track as Hartley loves playing trains at the moment. I decided to make a safari park as we already had lots of animals. 
I separated the tub into different areas and used different materials to make them fun and interesting.

Polar Area
- Silver foil
- blue tinsel
- polar bears, penguins, seals, whales

Lion Rock
Rocks and stones
Plastic lions

Jungle Area
- twigs and branches
- leaves
- fir cones
- green coloured rice
- plastic monkeys and birds

 Savannah and watering hole
-Green paper
- blue tinsel
-  green rice
- elephants, rhinos and zebras
Hartley has loved playing with his train track zoo. He pushes the trains around and moves the animals. He makes the animals noises too.
He has also enjoyed exploring the different materials used. 

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