Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cloud Dough Fun

Cloud Dough is an amazing sensory experience that only requires 2 ingredients. We have used it before but thought it was time to explore it again.

All you need is flour (2 cups) and vegetable oil. (1/4 cup)
For older children you can use baby oil instead, however this should not be ingested. As Hartley is still at an age where he likes to explore with his mouth I try to use edible ingredients where ever possible.

Cloud dough is great because it feels really smooth but can be molded when pressed together.

 Hartley started exploring straight away.

 He then decided to sit in the cloud dough. Next time I will make up more in a bigger pool so he can explore with his whole body.

I took his socks off so he could explore with his feet. He loved the feel of the cloud dough in between his toes!

This activity can also be very calming and you could add scents (lavender, rose oil, tangerine)
This would be the perfect activity for calming down time or before bedtime.

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