Thursday, 7 March 2013

Story and Sensory Farm Fun

Hartley loves animals at the moment. We went to a farm a few weeks ago and he enjoyed looking at and touching all the animals. 

As it was World Book Day today I gave Hartley a new book all about the farm.

We shared the book together. Hartley pointed to the animals in turn and made sounds of some of the animals he knew. He does a good Moo!

 I then set up Hartley's farm set. I added some lentils for an extra sensory element.

Sensory Play  

Sensory Play is so important for babies and children. This is how they learn and explore the world around them. It also encourages children to be creative, improve their fine and gross motor skills, increase their vocabulary and begin to investigate, question and draw conclusions.

Hartley loved playing with the farm and I talked to him about the different animals.

Hartley liked exploring the lentils. He enjoyed scooping them, piling them and filling the trailer with them.

He then looked at the book again himself. I left the farm set up with this book and other farm related books so he can play whenever he wants.

This is the first of many sensory small worlds I plan to do with Hartley.

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