Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Hartley loves stories and will often choose to look at a book but I recently found out he also really enjoys story telling.

The other day at our local Children's centre one of the ladies told the story of Goldilocks. She used no pictures and few props but yet Hartley and the other children were completely engaged the whole way through.

So this week I decided to focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I found a doll and three different sized bears and a bowl and spoon for each of them.

I also put out a big tub of porridge oats.

Hartley and his friend loved listening to the story and copied my actions as I showed how big the bears, bowls, beds were. They were so engaged, which is pretty amazing considering they are both around 14 months!

They then played with the bears, Goldilocks and of course the porridge.
They scooped, poured, whisked and stirred the porridge.

We then added water. This changed the mixture and made it more sticky. Hartley loved whisking and stirring the porridge. He was also able to pour in the water himself.


  1. There's nothing better than taking a story and then LIVING it! The picture with the bears and the doll and the bowls is too cute.

  2. I know, there is so much you can do with this story but kept it quite simple as Hartley is still only little!