Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rice Krispie Sensory Fun

Sensory Play does not have to take a long time or effort to set up. Sometimes we just need a quick and easy activity to occupy for a little while. This is when I usually have a look what I have got in the kitchen.

Today it was rice Krispies.
I put the rice krispies into a bowl and then added some plastic cupcake cases and utensils.
Hartley loved this activity. He really enjoys scoping and pouring at the moment. This made a nice change from water play.
He loved filling up a jug and then emptying it again.

 As our activities go this was not to messy and I was able to sweep most of the rice krispies up to reuse.
I have now put them into a larger tub for Hartley to explore when ever he likes.

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