Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sensory Bags

I have been meaning to make sensory bags for ages. They are quite simply plastic bags filled with anything you can find that makes an interesting sensory experience. Even little babies can enjoy them. This is also a great activity for children who not to ken on getting messy.

It is best to use which you can seal like a zip lock freezer bags. You can make them in whatever size you want. Mine are small and could be easily taken in your bag for those moments when your baby or toddler needs entertaining.

I didn't realise that my bags had cartoon animals already printed on them, but this adds a fun element.

Sequins Sensory Bag
All you need:
a zip lock resealable bag
hair gel or hand gel
Money Sensory Bag

Hartley loves playing with money (under supervision, of course) so I made this as a safe way for him to explore.
All you need:
a zip lock resealable bag
hair gel or hand gel
a few coins

For both these bags I used hand gel but hair gel works just as well and comes in different colours. I just put in a few squirts.

 Oil and paint sensory bag
 I started to experiment with this one. I put a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil into the bag, I then added a squirt of green and red paint. The paint separated and made all sorts of wonderful patterns. 
Hartley loved this one and kept squeezing, slapping and squashing it.

Bubbles sensory bag
All you need
a zip lock resealable bag
a squirt of washing up liquid
a little water

Hartley loved his one too as he explored the bubbles. We taped this one shut to be sure the water didn't leak.

The possibilities are endless and I have many ideas for future sensory bags. Hartley loved exploring them and they would also be good for toddlers and older children as a tool for calming down.

Sensory bags are meant to be enjoyed under supervision as the bags could be opened. To be extra safe you could tape around the edges.


  1. I love this idea. Will definitely be trying this out with Cormac and I can imagine that Maeve would have fun with it too

  2. I have made more and Hartley plays with them all the time.