Monday, 29 April 2013

Our Messy Play Date

After the success of Hartley's Birthday Party we decided to have anther messy play party. A great way to see our friends and all make mess together.

We had lots of different activities set up. All were edible so the children could explore them as much as they wanted and parents didn't have to worry if anything went in the mouth (which it did!)

The activities I set up were:

Pool of porridge oats and Farm animals.
The children loved this one, it was one of the less messier pools, so perfect for the little ones to start off with. Even the bigger children loved rolling around in the oats and standing under a shower of porridge.

Sealife Spaghetti
I coloured 6 packets of spaghetti in different shades of blue and green using food colouring. I then and added a variety of sealife animals.
The children  loved playing in the spaghetti. Some even went swimming with the fish!

Bugs in Jelly
I filled a pool with different flavours of jelly and then added some plastic bugs and magnifying glasses.

Cocoa Cloud Dough with dinosaurs
I made cloud dough using flour and vegetable oil. I added cocoa to make it more look like dirt and then added some plastic dinosaurs.

Blue Gloop Pond with ducks 
I made gloop using cornflour and water. I added blue food colouring to make it look like a pond. I put in a few ducks and frogs to add to the fun element.

Edible Paint
I made paint using flour, water and food colouring. I decided not to use 'real' paint because we had so many babies coming that may have put it in their mouths.
I provided brushes, different paint tools, cars, duplo bricks and balls so the children could explore the paint how they wanted.

Water Tray
A favourite with all the children. They loved, scooping, pouring and most of all splashing!

And at the end of the party we even had a little helper!

All the children and grown ups had lots of fun. I hope to do another one soon.

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  1. What brilliantly messy fun! I have to be reminded sometimes to encourage my toddler to have fun and be messy - so easy to just spend my time trying to keep her clean...